Digital Addiction

Driving Question

  • How can we reduce digital addiction in our community, so we can have a safe and healthy way of using technology in the digital world?

Problem Statement

  • In society today, there is much discussion about addiction. The opioid addiction is tearing communities apart. Alcohol addiction is a pervasive problem that has been around since the beginning of recorded history and is still damaging individuals and families. But what about technology? Is technology addictive and as damaging as a drug? Is it a drug?

According to “A Review of Digital Addiction” by Rugai Joseph and Joy-Telu Hamiliton-Ekeke, “The new digital age has brought about extraordinary developments in technology and this is beginning to alter the way many people access, use and react to information. The digital and internet technology is evolving at a very fast rate, and the things thought to be impossible are now becoming a reality…The demands of modern lifestyles have also lead to heavy dependence on various digital technologies for information, inter-personal relationships, entertainment and even economic transactions. There is no doubt that the over dependence on digital technology may result in addiction. Digital addiction is similar to other addictions; those suffering from it exhibit compulsive behavior and use the virtual fantasy world as a substitution for real-life human connection.”

Here at Jefferson, students and staff are adversely affected by dependency on technology such as video games, texting, sexting, social media, smartphones, bullying. What can be done to support students and staff here at Jefferson with their dependencies on technology in a safe and healthy way?

PBL Showcase

Students will be showcasing their PBL projects on December 18