Jeffco Resources to Support 1:1 Initiatives

Students need access to the world's information and technology can transform learning. As a result, many schools are considering a 1:1 initiative to support this need. This website provides multiple resources and ideas to support schools in this work.

Where is your school in the process of going to 1:1?

Thinking About Going 1:1

Our school is considering this and would like to know more about the road ahead. This is a great place to start in creating a road map.

We're Going 1:1

Our school has made the decision, now we need an implementation plan. This section includes:

  • Teacher Training
  • Prior to The Launch
  • The Launch
  • Following The Launch

**Note: Even if you have decided to embark on a 1:1 initiative, it may be helpful to review information in the Thinking About Going 1:1 section.

Teaching in a 1:1 Environment - What are some considerations for teachers and students in a 1:1 classroom?