Incoming Freshmen Information

Welcome to RamNation!

Interested in Shadowing at GMHS? Click here for more information.

2020 Student Shadow Dates:

  • Tuesday 9/24/19
  • Tuesday 10/8/19
  • Tuesday 10/29/19
  • Tuesday 11/5/19
  • Tuesday 11/19/19
  • Tuesday 12/10/19
  • Tuesday 1/14/20
  • Tuesday 2/4/20
  • Tuesday 2/25/20
  • Tuesday 3/10/20
  • Tuesday 4/14/20
  • *Your day will start at 8:00 am and end at 3:00 pm
  • *Pizza will be provided. If you do not like pizza, please bring a sack lunch

2020 Showcase: Wednesday November 13, 2019 6-8pm

2019 Freshmen Orientation Day : TBD

9th Grade Family Transition Night (Chromebook distribution and training): TBD

      • Learn about what you need to be successful in high school!
      • Receive and learn about your new Chromebook

Back to School Night: TBD

      • PTA $5 Pizza Dinner Fundraiser from 5:00-6pm
      • Back to School Night activities from 6pm-8pm
      • Do your student's schedule, meet their teachers, check out the athletics, clubs and activities that are offered.

Fall Future Day:TBD

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

      • TBD

Summer Homework:

      • Some classes require summer homework (mostly honors or AP classes). Check out our Summer Homework Website to see if you have anything to work on this summer.

School Supplies: Supplies vary from teacher to teacher, but here is a list of general supplies that are easy in all classes.

      • Chromebook (please visit the GMHS 1:1 Initiative Website for more information)
      • Three ring binder (most classes want their own, 1 inch binder. Wait until the first day to find out for sure)
      • Folders (one for homework, others can be for classes depending on the needs of the students)
      • Pencils (mechanical or traditional wooden)
      • Pens
      • Highlighters
      • Loose leaf notebook paper (Not all classes will use this, but some will)
      • Colored Pencils


Interested in playing a sport (or more) while at GMHS? Check out our Athletics Page for more information, necessary forms and coach's information.

Who are my support people?

  • Your Teachers
  • Principal: Mrs. Owens
  • Assistant Principals
    • Mr. Craig, 9th Grade AP/Testing
    • Ms. Sereno, 10th Grade AP/Athletic Director
    • Dr. Trujillo, 11th Grade AP/Scheduling
    • Ms. Ketchum, 12th Grade AP/Activities Director
  • Counselor:
  • Campus Security: Ed, Bari and Jeremy
  • School Resource Officer: Officer Jones

GMHS Film Students put together a video on how to survive freshmen year - check it out!