Academic Help

Need help? There are a lot of options to help you academically!

  • Access Time - Students can talk to teachers from 7:25 - 7:55 am every morning
  • Study Hall - Students have the option of registering for a study hall every semester, they receive .5 elective credits
  • RamTime Workshop - Thursday Ram Time, students will be scheduled for various topics including life skills, study skills, stress management, ICAP completion, college entrance, and more!
  • After School with teachers- by appointment
  • Lockheed Martin Tutors on Tuesday Nights from 6:30-8:00pm
  • NHS Student Tutors
  • Schoology, Google Classroom and teacher websites
  • Always ask questions of your classmates and your teachers when you are unsure about something - they are here to help you succeed!


  • A student’s GPA freshman year counts just as much as their GPA junior and senior year
  • Students who are credit deficient at the end of freshman year are 3.5x more likely to drop out of high school

Common Academic Struggles that Freshmen tend to encounter:

  • Unlike the middle school level, EVERY assignment counts towards your grade. If you don't turn assignments in (both in class or homework), those will be put in as zeros and it will be hard to bring your grade up from that. Many teachers don't accept late work - so it is better to turn it in on time, even if it is not complete!
  • Most teachers will give you some time in class to start an assignment. Instead of saying "You'll do it later", start it then to see if you have questions. Sometimes you can finish the assignment in that amount of time if you are focused!
  • Put your phone down for some time in the evenings and get your homework done - you will feel more confident in your classes and your grades will be better!
  • Study for tests! Take some time to review your notes and quiz yourself in the days leading up to a test. Blowing off studying completely or waiting until 5 minutes before the test is not effective and will not help you. Some teachers will allow for test corrections or retakes, but most don't. Make sure you do well the first time!
  • It is ok to be involved - in fact it is a great part of the high school experience! But make sure you are not doing too much - you will be ineligible for many athletics and activities if you have Fs!