Ignite Summer Enrichment Camp

Ignite is a new summer enrichment camp sponsored by Jeffco Public Schools designed to serve rising middle school students and incoming high school freshmen. The mission of Ignite is to provide gifted teenagers an opportunity to continue to grow 21st century thought skills under the Jeffco 2020 initiative. Rising from the intellectual smoldering embers of SPARKS, Ignite will provide students with creative and intellectually stimulating learning opportunities through interest based strands.

Who: rising 7th, 8th & 9th Graders

When: June 19th - 23rd, 8:30-3:30 (Friday the 23rd is a Share Fair in the morning only )

Where: Wheat Ridge High School

What: Students choose one strand in which toconcentrate their studies for the entire week in order to take their learning to new levels with other like-minded, deep thinking students.

Three Strands to Choose From:

  1. The Game of Life: Life is a game. We, as humans, make up the rules and accept those rules as reality. But what if we, as creative individuals, look at reality differently? Can we make up new rules to play by? Join us as we explore this topic through the lens of French and German language, culture, film, and literature. We will learn, watch, read, discuss and of course play! All levels of French and German learners welcome, no matter if vous parlez français/Sie sprechen Deutsch, or if the only words you know are Bon appetite and Sauerkraut.
  2. Summer Cerebral STEM-ulation: This program is a hands-on, project based exploration of a variety of topics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Participants will be learning, building and competing through projects in robotics, 3-D modeling and fabrication, rocketry, structural Engineering, engineering Problem Solving, electronics and programmable micro-controllers. Find a new interest, or delve deeper and show off your skills in an existing one in this exciting and engaging STEM-smorgasbord!
  3. (DON’T) SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA . . . BRING IT HERE!! Theater for the Creative! Calling all actors who like to have fun! Theater games, warm-ups, improvisation, pantomime, storytelling, role playing, Reader’s Theater, and playwriting are just some of the activities that will be offered in this class. Creativity and spontaneity are encouraged as you create your own Oscar worthy plays, skits, and other performances. The end product is yet To Be Determined, since they’ll all be original works . . . created, produced, and acted out by YOU! Don’t miss this chance to channel your inner Hollywood star!

Price: $300

Registration: Register here through Signup Genius.

Payment: Fees will be posed to your student's Jeffco Connect account the week of April 14, 2017 and must be paid in full by May 8th.

Lunch: Please bring your own lunch. There is no food available at WRHS.