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Friendly Reminder!

We have a lot of amazing things going on this week! One of my favorite childhood memories is this week and that is the Book Fair. Please come on by and see the amazing book selections that we have. On Thursday we have our annual Special Persons Day and our Awards Ceremony. I hope to see you there!

Our Halloween Party!

I want to give a big shout out to all the lovely parents who came and made this Halloween party amazing. Our class wouldn't have done it without you! Here are some captured memories of that day.

Friendly Reminder!

There is no school on Friday, November 2nd

Pinwheels for Peace Day!

"Kids know that the most important thing in the world isn't money, or being king or queen, or pushing other people around. It's love: giving it, sharing it, showing it."

- If Kids Ran the World

Kids who make the world a better place will probably grow up into adults who want to do the same thing.


1st Grader for the Day

Our students are in school for 170 days. Please join them one day of the year and be a 1st grader by emailing me a day that works best for you. Once you are in the link, pick the day that works best for you and write your student's name along with the name of your teacher. To help persuade you into joining our 1st grade community, here are some thoughts from our 2017-2018 class. We can't wait to have you in our classroom!