Primary Description,

The Primary Options Program (Tuesday) has a maximum of 20 students per classroom and maintains the same instructors throughout the day. The Lower Elementary Options Program (3-5th grades, Thursday) and Upper Elementary (6th-8th grades, Wednesday) classes have a maximum of 22 students per classroom. Upper elementary has two choices of courses throughout the day while our secondary group has three course choices. There are two instructors per level, allowing us to offer the different course choices each semester.

Secondary Description, 6-8

Each week, on Wednesdays, our secondary students 6th, 7th, and 8th graders come to MPA at 8:30 in the morning.

The Wednesday Options is a project learning based day. It was specifically developed for higher level thinking that begins through adolescence. Students build critical thinking, time management, research and team building skills in a “real world” project regardless of the topic, and we do art every afternoon. For example this year the Wed. 6-8 graders built a mini escape room and used research to design the technology, art, building the room, needed materials, shopping list, and invited the main buildings students in small groups to solve the puzzle. They also went to an escape room for a behind the scenes tour and experience. We do leave Wed. a little open to talk to the students about what project they want to do and build together. Then the semester takes shape quickly. We feel that it's imperative for them to plan together from the start-up. Wednesday includes recess and read aloud. The choice in classes is embedded in every step of the process, as students value having some control over what they are learning. Our program is enrichment based and is intended as a supplement to academics being taught at home. These students also enjoy library each week, music and lots of physical movement with nature walks with many different specific focuses. The day ends at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The Wednesday group is typically a small class and has fewer transitions in location. The students have Ms. Melissé and Ms. Lori Forden. They do stay with their homeschool group during the day.

Wednesday- Schedule

8:30-11:30 - Morning work time, planning etc

Music- Ms. Lori -incorporated into the lessons

Recess- 12:30-1:10

Art- 1:30-2:40

Library- 2:40-3:15

Upper Elementary Options, 3-5

Wednesday is also our Upper Elementary Options Elementary day for 3rd through 5th graders. In the mornings we offer a couple of specific course choices. We offer courses that cannot be easily duplicated at home, and are scaffolded to include all subjects of learning. Students have a family style lunch and attend recess or organized team leadership activities for at least 30 minutes. The afternoon is full of group collaboration and project based learning. With guidance the students brainstorm and develop a semester long project that again scaffolds all subjects.

MPA Homeschool Options Program Description

The Home-School Options Program is a course choice, enrichment based program for kindergarten through 8th grade. The classroom has a Montessori approach and expectation with lessons and behavior. Basic Montessori materials will be introduced when appropriate and use is encouraged. We follow the Jeffco annual calendar and classes are held from 8:30- 3:30 each school day.

Tuesday - Primary Options Program- Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade

Wednesday- Secondary Elementary Options Program- 6th, 7th and 8th grade

Wednesday- Upper Elementary Options Program- 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade

Friday- 1st -6th grade, Connections Program

The Options program provides homeschooling families with choices for kindergarten through 8th grade. We offer a large variety of classes per semester and choices ranging from Beginner Spanish to Mysteries of Science and Cultures Around The World. We provide very knowledgeable and experienced instructors for all of our programs and encourage students learning through experimentation and process lead discovery. Our Options Programs are STEAM based and have a unique in-house music program. We accept students with different learning capabilities but caution parents to read the class descriptions carefully as some courses have academic requirements.

Program Application and Acceptance

After applying and receiving acceptance confirmation to either of the programs each family attends formal registration in August. At registration we collect the one time $75.00 materials fee, complete the course choices (if applicable for the semester), complete all permission forms and child safety forms. Parents will also receive a parent handbook online . Registration and other documents for this program may be found at enrolljeffco.com. Each applicant needs to be registered on Jeffco Connect and can then apply. Jeffco Connect opens December 17, and then applications will be accepted beginning January 22- Feb. 8, at www.enrolljeffco.org.

We, at MPA are very excited to offer our long-standing, 15 years and counting, programs of excellence to the home-schooling communities around us. We look forward to getting to know you and your children and are thrilled to welcome you to our MPA family.