Connections- Friday

Connections Description

Students from 1st-3rd and 4-6th grade, attend on Fridays each week in two classrooms. lower and upper elementary. They receive supplemental enrichment Montessori lessons on a themed unit of study in the morning and a work period in the afternoon. These students also attend specials; music class, art and PE along with library time each week in the main building with the MPA Guides. The day is from 8:30-3:30, including recess/outdoor organized gross motor skills.

Lower Elementary

Each Friday the 1st-3rd graders, beginning at 8:30-3:30, enjoy a day with friends and learning. Each semester, the guide, Ms. Cherie Day, chooses a themed unit of study. We do fun activities that can't be duplicated in a home environment. Students have family style lunch and have recess with the upper elementary group. For example, this semester we are doing Zoology, there are frogs in the classroom and the students studies have begun with classification, group research, animal based games and teamwork.

Upper Elementary

4th- 6th graders at 8:30 join Ms. Melissé Segesman. The day is very similar to Lower El Connections but are a bit more cerebral due to their age and development. The discussion is a bit more abstract and the day is hopping with challenging and interesting activities. Most days the students also go on a nature walk. These students have in-house field trips from CU Science and also may attend field trips with the main building's upper elementary on occasion. The day ends at 3:30.