Hippely Science

8th Grade Science

8th grade science is all about the science of matter and energy. Formally these sciences are called chemistry and physics. Another large part of science in eighth grade is learning to think like a scientist. We will follow the same investigative procedures and practices that actual scientists use to understand the physical world around us. This theme is weaved throughout the curriculum in eighth grade. During the year, not only will we study how energy and matter combine on the very small scale of atoms and molecules but we will also think in terms of the very large scale to discover how energy interacts with the materials that make up the Earth and how energy and matter dictate Earth's uniquely habitable place in the Solar System. My goal for 8th grade students is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how matter and energy work together to produce the behaviors, properties and phenomanon we observe in physical objects in the universe we live in.

8th Grade Science Curriculum

Science Process Skills

Force and Motion

Atoms and Molecules

Energy Transfer and Transformation

Our Place in the Solar System

Weather and Climate