Español 1

Español 2 Honores

¡ Bienvenidos a las clases de Español 1 y 2 Honores!

Señora Henningson


Technology in the classroom

Below are the websites, tools, apps, software, etc. that is used in the classroom. All sites have

been vetted by the district and deemed appropriate for your student.

The following sites are used to further a student's practice and skills orally, through writing,

and repetitive practice of the Spanish language to improve student skills.

Some sites listed below also provide extension activities as well as notes and lesson

to help struggling students. Data is only collected via Schoology.

This class takes full advantage of the google apps including, but not limited to, google docs, google slides,and google forms.

Schoology will be used for recording and practice assessments throughout the year.

Good website that has all of the letters of the alphabet. When you pass your mouse over a letter, you will hear a native spanish speaker's pronunciation of the letter. It also includes notes about the different letters (ex. H is silent).

Good website with lots of information on different grammar topics.

Website that is a good review for all of Spanish grammar. On the left side there is a list of topics - you can read the lecture and then take the 'basic quiz' or 'mini-test' (these two options are free)

Website which allows you to access the textbook online. You need a user name and password.

List of grammar topics and exercises. Includes recordings of native speakers.

Site where Spanish accents and other symbols are easy to access for writing assignments.

This is a really good Spanish dictionary. It also has forums where you can look up a topic (ex. Gustar) and it may have a blog regarding that subject. You can read those blogs postings to learn about grammar, vocab, etc.

Make word pictures

Link to Prentice Hall online work with webcodes.

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