Committee Chairs

2018-2019 Committee Chairs:

Chaperones – Karla Mason/chair

720-219-8162 cell
      • Coordinates parent volunteers to ride buses and be at every event to help and assist with GMHS student and staff needs.

Pit Crew - Craig Artley

720-382-8124 cell
      • Organizes and coordinates parent and alumni volunteers to assist with instruments and props for marching band competitions.

Grocery/Gift Card Purchases - Brenda

303-914-9951 home
      • In charge of all grocery / gift card purchases and sales
      • Works closely with Lynn and Jennye whom are also able to sell gift cards

Catering - Nancy Pallozzi

720-353-3171 cell
      • Coordinates volunteers to assist with food preparation and distribution for competitions
      • Plans the meals for the competitions
      • Works with chaperone chair to provide any food and drink needs
      • Plan and organizes any other food functions/events (Ex: pizza parties, etc.)

Special Events -

303-618-7928 Cell
      • Organizes and coordinates Neighborhood Walks during summer band camps
      • Organizes yearly Pool Party tradition

Drums Along the Rockies Night - Gayle Mink

281-204-7155 cell

Summer Car Wash – Steve Mink

303-558-2159 cell