Future Center

Attention seniors: Many college application deadlines are in January. To make sure you meet your deadlines, ALL NEW requests for transcripts and letters of recommendation must be submitted on Naviance and to Mrs. Griffin and your teachers by Tuesday, Dec. 8th. Remember to contact your teachers personally or they won't do the letters.

There is a process for requesting transcripts due to COVID 19

1.You MUST also make requests for transcripts on Naviance. Follow instructions on your Naviance home page. You must also make requests to Mrs. Griffin through email.

  • If you are using the Common App. for your college application, there are other steps to follow:

  1. Start your Common Application - You can find this link on your Naviance account.

  2. Be sure to sign the FERPA waiver on Common App.

  3. Go back to Naviance and select the Common App/ Naviance Match button to link the accounts.

  4. Most Common Apps require teacher letters of recommendation, teacher evaluation forms AND Counselor reports. You must request these on the Naviance site. You MUST also contac your teacher(s) and counselor by email to request these recommendations! The appliction deadlines for college applications are very strict - so give the teachers and your counselor at least 2 weeks to complete these requests!

  5. Green Mountain can only send letters of recommendation and other supporting documentation for current staff! If you need letters from sources outside of Green Mountain you can request these on the Common App. site

  • Students who plan to participate in athletics at the college level also need to make requests on Naviance and by email to Mrs. Griffin for transcripts to be sent to either the NCAA or the NAIA. Note* NCAA requires official test scores directly-from SAT ( College Board) or ACT *

Information and registration for NCAA can be found on their website: Note*Juniors and Seniors may register for NCAA .Initial transcripts are sent after completion of the Junior year and then again after graduation.*

Information and registration for NAIA :

Check with Mrs. Griffin to ensure you have followed all of the appropriate steps: or

Transcripts and record requests for former students and graduates are submitted online through Jefferson County Public Schools. The system can be accessed through the public website and then selecting the quick link Student Transcripts & Records

Services provided through the Future Center include:

● Official Transcripts submitted to colleges or for scholarships

● Unofficial transcripts for student personal use

Letters of recommendation request forms

Scheduling of visits from colleges, universities, career/technical/vocational schools, and military branches to Green Mountain

● Information/postings from colleges, vocational/technical school, military, regarding campus visits, tours, college fairs, open houses.

● Information/postings regarding: ACT or SAT testing;

- college financial aid; scholarship opportunities;

- college summer study opportunities;

- student leadership or volunteer opportunities;

- local employment opportunities

Assessment Scores Removed from Transcripts

Per SB20-175, ( no student assessment scores can be posted on high school students’ transcripts, even if requested by students. Every student is allocated four free score “sends” from the College Board (SAT) and ACT. However, students are required to identify the institutions they want scores sent to within 9 days of testing (SAT), or at the time of registration (ACT). Students qualifying for fee waivers (typically students who also qualify for free or reduced lunch) can request unlimited score “sends” at any time. Contact your student’s school if you have questions.