GMHS Spirit


TeamUp Calendar (schedule is not finalized past May 31)

Text @GMHSSP to 81010 to get updates from coaches through Remind (also available in the app).

Head coach- Samm Beary

*Please use the Remind app for all non-emergency related issues.

Team Requirements

Team members must maintain eligibility through CHSAA.

Team members are required to attend 90% of scheduled events to earn a Varsity letter.

Team members are expected at all scheduled functions, games, practices and events.

Please let the coaches know of any absences and the reason.

Team members are expected to be on time, “event ready,” and stay for the entirety of practice, games, or events.

Practice dates and times will be posted in the TeamUp Calendar.

Missing multiple practices, arriving late, or leaving early shows a lack of commitment to the team and could result in a member being benched or removed from the team. If a team member is benched, they are still required to dress out and attend the game, event, practice, or competition. They will check in with coaching staff about their responsibilities for that day.

All members must be respectful for the coach, GMHS staff, and each other.

Concerns from team members should be addressed in the following manner-

1- Talk to the coaching staff. Not resolved?

2- Set a meeting with the coaching staff, team member, & parent. Not resolved?

3- Set a meeting with the coaching staff, team member, & parent. Not resolved?

4- Request a meeting with the coaching staff, team member, parent, and Activities Director (Assistant Principal).

Concerns from parents-

Please wait 24 hours (cool down period after the event) before contacting the coaching staff or Ms. Ketchum.

All rules and regulations are explained in the Student Conduct Code Booklet apply to team members.