Family night/ Device distribution

August 16: 6-8pm 2018

Green Mountain High School Gymnasium

All freshman families and upperclassman that have opted in are highly encouraged to attend!!

  • Chromebooks will be distributed to all freshmen after we give out some important information about the 1:1 program and online safety tips.
  • We highly encourage you to attend and to bring your student
  • Bring student ID’s to speed up the checkout process.
  • Make sure you have paid the fee for the Chromebook in Jeffco Connect. If you need directions for how to do this, click here.
  • Protective cases will be sold for $25 during family night. Bring check or cash to speed up the process.

Upperclassmen: No upperclassman devices will be handed out on Tuesday, August 29th. Chromebooks will be distributed to students in grades 10-12 that have opted into the program starting on Tuesday, September 5th in the library.

Agenda: *Subject to change*

6:00-6:10 Welcome message and program overview

6:10-6:30 Keeping students safe in a digital world

6:30-6:45 Logistics, classroom usage

6:45-7:00 Keeping it legal

7:00-8:00 Distribution of Chromebooks

Unable to attend family night:

  1. Get a copy and sign the "Technology Device Usage Fee Agreement" form
  2. Make copies of Family planning guide, Checklist for Parenting in a Digital World, and Internet & Mobile Device Usage Contract
  3. Go to the library, turn in the signed copy of the "Technology Device Usage Fee Agreement" form and pick up Chromebook during normal school hours.
  4. Presentation from Family Night is linked below *Presentation is from 2017 and will be updated*
Family night 1:1 presentation

Financial information:

Free and reduced lunch students: Please go onto Jeffco Connect to ensure the fee has been adjusted properly, If the fee has not been adjusted properly, bring the letter you received for enrollment in the program and take it to the financial secretary the night of the event. If you still need to apply for free and reduced lunch, go to this website for more information and scroll to the very bottom to begin application process. PLEASE make sure you select YES on the permissions option to share the information with the school. If you receive SNAP, FDPIR or TANF benefits, this application process still must be completed as well for fees to be adjusted.

Opt out due to BYOD: Bring your own device

If you are opting out due to bringing your own device, make sure you have followed these steps in order to access the wifi at school and fill out this form so that we can eliminate the fee.

Financing options:

Jeffco Connect (where you pay student fees) isn’t set up to be able to accept partial payments and GMHS doesn’t have the ability to manage a payment system. If you absolutely can’t afford the fee, please do come to family night because we will be discussing additional options to ensure everyone can participate in the program.