Senior Photos 2019


What should the picture look like?

1. waist up, portrait

2. least distracting background

3. your face takes center stage!

4. the yearbook staff reserves the right to decline your senior photograph based on

content. You will be notified and allowed to submit an alternative.


How can I submit my photograph? (in order of preference)

1. Online for 2019 here:

2. Deliver to the office on a CD or flash drive (if you'd like your media back please

include your first and last name and ACE room on CD or drive)

3. Deliver to the office a hard copy of the picture at least 3"x4" (if you want your

photograph back, please include your first and last name and ACE room on the

back of the photograph)

Below WILL BE a list of the senior class. This will get posted mid to late November. If your senior photo is turned in you will have a (x) by your name in the first column. In the second column if your name has a (x) by it then you have turned in your senior signature.

Please do not call or email to ask if we have received you or your students senior photo. You will hear from us via email if we are missing the photo, however we will not reach out for missing signatures. Please make sure your information on Infinite Campus is up to date to receive any notifications.