Class of 2021

  • This year the SAT is not required. Seniors have the option of taking the SAT on September 23rd at Golden High School.

  • Seniors do not need to register for this test. All seniors are registered through the district as it is the Colorado School Day test. Notify your counselor if you do not intent to take the test.

  • Colleges and Universities in the state of Colorado are "test-optional" for the admissions class of 2021. Check the standardized test requirements for for admissions at out-of-state schools.

  • Assessment scores will be removed from transcripts.

College Application Process - Quick Links

Letter Of Recommendation, Transcript Request Form

To help teachers write the letter of rec, applicants fill out this google doc to tell the teachers about themselves.
In Naviance, click on Colleges, Colleges I'm Applying to, letters of recommenation section, Add Request
Last step, fill out form once you've completed Common App, signed FERPA Waiver, matched Common App to Naviance, and added colleges to Naviance.

Make sure to get your application(s) to Colorado colleges ready to submit on October 13 to take advantage of this free application day.

Virtual College Visits & Fairs

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We're here to help. Contact us.

Counselor - Rory Best - 303-982-4163

Assistant Principal - Josh Shellard - 303-982-2406

Registrar - Lynn Nguyen - 303-982-4163