4th Grade

Assignments and Homework

This weeks spelling words: 1/16/18

spelling 1.16.18.pdf


We are still focused on the real world situations and how to solve them. Below are a few documents designed to help you think through the solving the situation. Remember these situations are tough and my require grit to complete them.

MMTS Resource: Problem Type Summaries
Problem Solving Map - Colored

Social Studies

Students have been giving a task of creating a relief map of an region of Colorado. Students will be working on their maps in class on Fridays leading up to the due date, (January 31).

Students will be identifying the geologic features of the area chosen.

Tell what period of Colorado History you are representing (Prehistoric, Native American Occupation, Explorers-Trappers-Traders, The Gold Rush, Westward Expansion).

Were there any historical people who might have been here, if so who?

We will be researching who may have lived in their region, what the people did to survive (their community or economy).

How did the people arrive there or how did they migrate to and from the area (covered wagon, settlers, train, nomadic migration)?

How did it change over time? (This would be if they chose a prehistoric representation since the geology included shifting continents, erosion, and possible glaciers).