4th Grade

Fraction videos. Please turn down the volume, it is not very good.


Assignments and Homework

This weeks spelling words:


We are still focused on the real world situations and how to solve them. Below are a few documents designed to help you think through the solving the situation. Remember these situations are tough and my require grit to complete them.

Here are some sample review problems:

MMTS Resource: Problem Type Summaries
Problem Solving Map - Colored


We have been conducting a Colorado research project and writing an essay to share our knowledge. Below is the exceptions for the report.

A proficient 4th-grade Informational Composition is at least 20 sentences, approximately 5 or more paragraphs, with attention to the following skills:

Introductory Paragraph

I have an interesting beginning to my composition that clearly explains what I am going to write about.

My introductory paragraph should have at least 2 sentences that catch the readers' attention.

It can include statements of opinion. For example:, " The Fourth of July is a very exciting holiday in America because it is a celebration of our nation's independence." It should not include language such as, "I am going to tell you about how I celebrate the Fourth of July."


My writing is focused on the subject or topic of my research.

If I use previewing, I remember to write about each point.

I write a closing paragraph that successfully connects to what I have learned about the subject and ties the important ideas together.

Support within the writing:

I use specific examples and details to explain each of my points.

I use the same amount of support and detail for each of the points I make.

I use a variety of specific and descriptive words to make my composition more interesting for the reader.

I use words correctly and purposefully.


I created and used an appropriate Thinking Map to organize my writing in a logical and purposeful structure.

My composition makes sense to my audience.

I use paragraphs as a tool to move from one topic or category to the next.

I use transition words to connect my sentences and paragraphs so that my composition flows smoothly when I read it.

My sentences begin in different ways and I use a variety of appropriate pronouns and other words to avoid sounding repetitive.

My sentences are different lengths to make my composition more interesting.


I use complete sentences.

I spell familiar words correctly.

I spell higher-level words the way they sound.

I use capitalization and punctuation correctly.

I make sure that the subject of my sentence agrees with the verb.

I use the same verb tense throughout my composition