What is the Role of the Intern?

The Executive High School Internship Program enables high academic high school students an opportunity to gain experience and expertise in particular career field. Selected students spend 8-12 hours per week for a total of 100 hours with their sponsors and undertake activities that provide comprehensive views of organizations that focus on the sponsors' professional roles, responsibilities, and functions.

In addition to the 100 hours at the internship, the students complete a Workplace Readiness Online course. The students also report weekly to the internship instructors with the number of hours they interned, what they did and what they learned.

Through this experience interns:

  • Earn 1 high school elective credit
  • Are eligible for 7 concurrent enrollment credits with Red Rocks Community College
  • Acquire expertise and experience in a chosen profession through direct exposure to organizational structures, policies, and environments.
  • Learn the value of positive interaction and public relations.
  • Obtain a realistic view of the professional world.
  • Learn to recognize and evaluate the personal characteristics essential to professional success.
  • Recognize the importance of taking initiative to make an experience worthwhile and seek challenges beyond the workplace and the academic setting in preparation for future success.