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Parent Information and frequently asked questions

The Executive High School Internship Program is a competitive program offered to high academic high school seniors (unweighted GPA of 3.5 or greater). Students apply the second semester of their junior year to be accepted into the program for their senior year. This program gives the participant an opportunity to see what is necessary to be successful in the career field of their choosing. Students complete the program in one semester (summer is an option). They complete weekly online workplace readiness lessons to be better prepared for careers with lessons such as priorities, resume writing, interview skills, LinkedIn, and what it takes to be successful in the workplace. They also complete a 100-hour non-paid internship in the field of their choosing. They are eligible for 7 free concurrent enrollment college credits once they complete the Workplace Readiness Course and 100 hour internship.

What is the benefit of the program?

The Executive High School Internship Program allows the participants an opportunity to see what the day in the life of this career field will look like. It offers an advantage in courses now and in college to understand the application of what they are learning. Networking with people in the career field will allow them an advantage in the future for additional internships and career opportunities. The workplace readiness lessons teach the students how to be successful in the business world, how to have a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as how to be an advocate to learn from others.

Students earn ½ elective credit for the Workplace Readiness course, ½ elective credit for the 100 hour internship on their high school transcript as well as being eligible for 7 concurrent college credits with Red Rocks Community College in Business and Marketing.

How many students are eligible for the program?

Approximately 1700 students each year meet the GPA qualifications within the Jeffco High School system. The program can support 200 students each year.

How do students learn about the program?

Students with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or greater receive a letter of congratulations at their high school inviting them to a 45-minute presentation about the program. They receive this letter about one week prior to the presentation. Parents are welcome to attend the presentation. A schedule of the promotion dates and schools can be found on our website. Student may also have heard from other students or counselors about the program.

How do they apply?

The application process is explained at the promotion presentation. The application consists of an online form to be completed by each applicant, a form that is signed by the parent/guardian indicating an understanding of the commitment to the program, a teacher recommendation and counselor recommendation that lets us know the student and counselor are aware of the time commitment and professionalism required. Many scholarships and colleges request videos from their applicants so we teach the students how to create a video introducing themselves as part of the application.

Students have two weeks to complete the entire application process. Upon completion of the entire application process by the due date, the students are invited to a 45-minute interview to be held at the student’s school. Interviews are completed in February and March, and all applicants will receive a letter in the mail at the beginning of May notifying them if they have been accepted into the program.

What are additional requirements of the program?

The students determine the semester that will work best for them to complete the 100 hours. They have the option to begin the summer between the junior and senior year. The intern is required to be at the internship site for no less than 3-hour blocks of time.

Summer interns: Students are required to commit to 8 weeks of the summer to complete the 100 hours and to complete all the workplace readiness assignments online as well as attend an orientation, resume workshop, and a fall career conference. There is a $100 fee for any student that starts in the summer.

Fall or Spring Interns usually have the last period of the day off from school and can leave for their internship 3 days a week. To be able to complete 100 hours in a semester a student must complete 8 – 10 hours a week. These hours are usually completed during business hours from

8 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday.

What is involved in the Workplace Readiness Course? Do all students have to complete this course?

The workplace readiness course was designed to make sure that all Executive High School Interns are professional and successful in the workplace setting as well as understand how to be career ready. The course is designed to be completed online and the students complete approximately one assignment each week. In addition, all students attend a resume workshop, an orientation as well as a fall career conference where the students select breakout sessions to learn about various subjects such as personal finance, interview tips, stress management and others.

What is more information about College Credit?

Executive High School Interns are eligible to apply for 7 free college credits in Business and Marketing with Red Rocks Community College. The grade the student earns for the internship/workplace readiness course is the grade that will transfer for the college credit.

These credits are most beneficial for students attending Colorado State Colleges and Universities as they can transfer in as elective credits.

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