Employee Wellness

Current Highlights

Employee Wellness Survey Report now available

The top initiatives staff would like to see at their worksite are:

1. On site Exercise and Mindfulness classes2. Fitness and Other Wellness Challenges3. Walking/Running Groups 4. Tips and Tools to Reduce Stress

Staff also resoundingly reported that to feel valued they need to be acknowledged and recognized. They also reported employee wellness programming is a factor in staying at a job, and having pride in Jeffco Schools.

January Weight Loss Challenge

Registration opens November 4th: Healthy Wadge weight loss Challenge!

Challenge starts January 24th, for details and to sign up, see our TeamJeffcoWellness team page: www.healthywage.com/clients/jeffco

Rejuvenation Rooms

Application open for sites/schools to be awarded $1000 toward a Rejuvenation room to use for staff wellness!

Application Due 2/14/2020

See all info HERE

Winter Reflection

As we enter the shortest days and longest nights of the year, consider embracing this time for inward reflection. In addition to holidays, travel and wild weather, the weeks around the winter solstice can be a bridge between years, a time to find a moment to slow down, contemplate the past year, look forward to the next, and reconnect with the light in you.

See articles and reflection journaling prompts here...

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Year at a Glance

For You

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  • Know Your Benefits
  • Get Vaccinated
  • Check out Menu of Options Below to outline your Wellbeing
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For Your School

  1. Assign Staff Wellness Liaison
  2. Make goals and action steps (see menu below or make your own)
  3. Receive and Communicate Opportunities at Staff Meetings
  4. Share Successes: tag us in your posts: #teamjeffcowellness

Menu of Staff Wellness Opportunities

Work-Life Balance

Happiness: Free online course and staff trainings coming soon!

Sleep: Coming soon!

Digital Wellness: Coming soon!

Mindfulness Challenge: coming in April!

Spring Mindfulness Retreat: Coming Soon!

Family Friendly Worksites

Rejuvenation/Lactation Rooms: 4 schools will win a room makeover this year! Details coming January!

Wellness at Work

Coming soon...

Walking Meetings

Healthy Meetings

Walking/Hiking/Running Group

Job Satisfaction

Financial Fitness

Financial Planning: Coming Soon!

Savings Challenge: Coming Soon!

Student loans and debt consolidation: free through Jeffco's Empower Retirement. If you don't have a log-in, you can call Empower to get set up.

Prevention & Self Discovery

Past Initiatives and Challenges

Walktober Fitness Challenge: 1,100 Jeffco Employees participated! See winners HERE

Jeffco Healthy Schools, EAP, and Jeffco's Benefits department collaborate on wellness efforts that help support and create healthy and happy learning and working environments for our students and staff. Learn more by visiting their websites today!