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Remote Monday Folder - 4/19/21

Dear Eiber Families,

Happy Monday. Here is the news for the week...

Summer School Programs:

Last week, we sent home an informational sheet for the Jeffco Summer of Early Learning (JSEL) program. At that time, we also mentioned that Eiber would have their own Jump Start program. Please understand that these are two separate programs. JSEL will not take place at Eiber. JSEL will take place at other sites throughout the District. JSEL runs from 6/7 - 7/16. Eiber's Jump Start program will be at Eiber. Our program will run from 7/19 - 8/6. At this time, we are planning on serving breakfast and lunch. Also, we are looking into the possibility of being able to provide transportation. Information concerning Eiber's program should be coming home next week.

Parents can opt for either program or none. Enrollment in one program does not preclude a child from enrollment in the other. These are two separate programs.

We would be happy to discuss with you our recommendations or have some conversations around these programs.

End of Year Testing:

End of year testing will be held on May 13th and 14th. There are five assessment components for end-of-year second graders. Three of these assessments must be given one-on-one with a student. For this reason, we will schedule and meet with each child individually. Information will be sent home for you to indicate your preference and a specific time. We will meet with each child individually to test and gather end-of-year data.

End of Year Testing for Remote Students:

We will offer the option of having our remote students come in to complete their in-person assessments. We will have these conversations with each family. MAP and I-Station end-of-year assessments will continue to be remote. MAP (math and reading) will take place the first week of May. All remote students will need to complete these assessments at the same time as their in-person peers. This will require two sessions.


4/30: Non-contact day

5/13, 5/14: Testing Days

5/27: Last day for students

Master Schedule - new - Starting 2/22/21


. Please note: math is designated by day number and not day of the week. We have had many four day weeks and some yet to come. This way, we can accommodate the many four day weeks and ensure that instruction is provided for each group.



All writing instruction will be synchronous with the home room teacher. Please use the home room teacher's Zoom to access the class.