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Wonderful Water Bottles

Hannah Williamson 11/13/18

Drake Middle School has many trends, water bottles being one of them. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing one. It’s apparent that people really do love staying hydrated. People can be seen be ditching the normal plastic bottles for metal ones as they seem to be more popular around the school.

Usually the bottles are insulated, and stainless steel. They’ve have been incredibly popular here at Drake. There isn’t one particular brand that is popular but some are more common to see than others, such as the Hydro Flask and Camelback water bottles.

Some students couldn’t care less, but others prefer the metal bottles over others for many reasons including, “Its keeps stuff [drinks] cold and warm for longer,” says Bella Savarise in 7th grade. For being at school for seven hours a day, many students agree with the fact that normal plastic bottles do not keep the water their desired temperature.

Another popular reason these water bottles are used is to put stickers on them. “I have one of Ohio and, a Colorado flag because I lived there so, it’s a mixture of both,” says Ella Brooks in 7th grade. They’re easy to decorate and express yourself and, the best part is you don’t have to throw them away.

These water bottles are also incredibly eco-friendly. They are reusable and that means there’s no trash going into animals homes. According to plasticoceans.org more than eight million pounds of plastic goes into the ocean every year so, no wonder these bottles keep getting more popular. It seems to be one of the easiest ways to save the environment.

Overall, it seems that hydro flask type water bottles are preferred over normal plastic bottles for many reasons including, keeping drinks cold and, being able to reuse them and put stickers on them. It’s a much safer option when it comes to the environment and, just a more popular option in general.

Scene it. Kayla Grenwis and Evan Tafoya perform a scene called "The Firecracker Incident" for the trimester one showcase.

Drama Showcase

By Maggie Hodson 11/9/18

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! Drama classes are now getting ready for the drama showcase! They will be performing the scenes they have practiced throughout the start of the year. Some people are scared and some people are excited! Taylor Foss, a drama student at Drake, says that she is most definitely excited for the showcase! “I am just a little bit scared,” Taylor said. No one wants to forget their lines or mess up their scenes.

All drama explore classes are plugging away putting together a show to present to their parents. They will be showing tons of broadway worthy scenes. Getting props scenes ready has taken most of the last two weeks of class, and unlike the pencil and paper finals in other classes, the students’ performance in this showcase is being graded as their final for the trimester. Nerve-wracking, indeed!

“The students have worked so hard, and they are doing such a good job. I am very excited for them to show off all they have learned in the last twelve weeks,” said Mrs. Wicke, the drama teacher.

The students will be doing fairytale scenes, autobiographies, monologues, duet scenes, and more. Sixth grader Avery Grieve says “I’m doing a voiceover and my six word autobiography.” Lots of people say they are very excited and others not so much. Vanessa Wood states “ I am scared for the drama showcase because there’s gonna be a lot of people there.”

Drama is a fun but also makes you nervous! After 12 weeks of study many students have discovered that acting can be fun but anxiety rising as well. This last hurdle will teach these students what performing is all about nerves and well.

The 2018-19 Drake Middle School staff at the ribbon cutting days before school opened for the year. The new wing is pictured behind them.

Ribbon Cutting

By Key Key Vigil 11/8/18

In the end of the summer of 2018, after one year of construction, the new wing 8th grade wing was finally done for Drake Middle School.

With a whole new incoming 6th grade, the 8th graders move from the second story to a whole new wing with new classrooms and new school furniture. Plus, the all grades gets a new playground.

Everyone was excited for the new reveal of the new and approved Drake. Especially the new interim Principal Dr. Griego and all her staff. Many of the teacher showed up and spoke for the ribbon cutting. One of the teachers who spoke was Ms. Dunn who exclaimed, “The ribbon cutting felt as if it was a new beginning for Drake Middle School.” She was very shocked when she saw a lot of students from years ago showing up to support the school.

After the whole event everyone was very proud and happy for the new chapter for Drake Middle School!

8th grader Hannah Williams shows off her Google icon.

Incredible Icons

By: Haylee Griffith and Skyla Nguyen 11/7/18

There are almost 1,000 students at Drake Middle School and almost all of them have some sort of picture or icon on their google account. Whether it be a picture from google or uploading your own photo, there are so many choices. Almost 1.8 billion pictures are uploaded to the internet everyday, so what motivates the students here to choose the picture they did?

But first things first: What even is a Google icon? The Google icon is the picture located at the top right corner of your screen every time you log onto your Jeffco account. All students in Jefferson County have an icon picture. The default picture before you change it has the first letter of your name and a basic color such as blue or yellow as a background, but most students aren’t satisfied with the status quo and personalize their account

The most popular images are the ones with personal meanings. Eighth grader, Abigail Freda explains, “My picture is of a golden retriever puppy because of that reminds me of my dog. Seeing that picture always makes happy throughout the day.” The majority of students pick a meaningful picture to them so that they can see it consistently throughout the day. It’s a little pick me up moment, so to speak.

Many other students around the school do not care for sentimental stuff as much and set their picture to something that might be trendy or cool at the time. 7th grader Hannah Williamson admits, “I see people on Instagram who have similar looking icons, so I thought ‘Why not?’” she explained while discussing her Bratz Doll icon. Then, of course, there is a good part of the students at Drake couldn’t care less about what to make their icon.

Some students never even pay attention to the google icon they see daily. They either don’t care or have enough time to find the perfect picture. “I never find time to change my profile picture,” admits Grace Jaramillo. From putting her every last minute into school work and have sports 24/7, having a unique image that expresses herself is not a top priority for the seventh grade gymnast.

With all the different options added everyday, many students are either too busy or don’t care about what to set as their icon picture. On the other hand, many others find the time to change their pictures to something meaningful or important to them individually. Since Drake is filled with over 900 students, Google icons are one of the many ways you can express your individuality.

How To Change Your Google Icon

Don’t know how to change your profile picture? Follow these easy steps!

  1. First, you need a picture. Get one off of Google images or from your personal files. Make it is saved in a JPG, GIF, or PNG. (Two finger or right click to save it in your files. {Google Drive}) If that doesn’t work, email the image to yourself and save it as a PNG file.
  2. Once you’ve saved a picture in your computer, click on your current profile picture and press “Change.”
  3. After that, click on “Select a photo from your computer.” Then, you should see your photo.
  4. Select your photo and it should replace your current profile picture. If the picture isn’t a perfect square, you may need crop it.
  5. Now your done! Show off your unique photo to all your friends!

Bathroom Passes

Luci Delisa 11/6/18

If you ever walk down the hall of Drake, you may see some students carrying some crazy items. It’s not unusual to see a student carrying a plunger or a giant globe or even a flaming pink plastic flamingo. The thing is, these are bathroom passes, and they are really creative and sometime pretty embarrassing .

Mrs. Johnson, who teaches social studies, uses a globe as a pass, and the rule is that anytime you leave the room, you take with you. “It’s nice. I don’t get lonely in the bathroom,” Angelo Demont a 7th grader goodnaturedly said.

Mr.Vasquez, on the other hand, uses flamingos, and that is one of the most creative passes yet. His students like it, too. “It's a good idea because it's fun,” Zoe O'Bryan a 7th grade shares. “It’s a good idea because it hangs on the bathroom door,” Gaida Giarratano a 7th grader believes. This was a popular comment made by many students. Apparently, they love that they didn’t have to put the pass on the floor. Another convenience for the teacher is the visibility factor. “I can always see if someone is in the bathroom,” said Mr. Vasquez. These are some of the reasons why Mr. Vasquez chose the flamingos.

Other teachers have plungers, and Mrs. Wilson, the orchestra teacher, has life-sized plastic geese. Some students may find these unusual passes so embarrassing to carry around that they will not want to go to the bathroom unnecessarily.

So the next time you walk down the halls of Drake Middle School and you see a kid holding a crazy item, you will just know that it is a bathroom pass. This is one of the many things that makes drake unique.