High School Leaders

Core Class Background Information

Click on the links below to access the core class background information documents. These documents are NOT intended to be printed out, they are meant to be viewed on a device so High School Leaders can access the links embedded in the document. If you are using district WIFI, you will need to bypass the filter in order to access the some of the videos embedded in these documents.

Archery Background Information

Biosphere Background Information

Geosphere Background Information

Hydrosphere Background Information

Mt. Evans Core Classes: Teaching Note Cards

ATTENTION High School Leaders: These teaching note cards and hyperlinks should be used to prepare for your Core Class at Mt. Evans. The note cards themselves might change - DO NOT plan on using your copy on-site. We will provide you with the most up-to-date note cards when you are here.

Archery Teaching Note Cards

Biosphere Teaching Note Cards

Geosphere Teaching Note Cards

Hydrosphere Teaching Note Cards