Colorow Elementary

IB Primary Years Program Resources

Colorow is in our second year of IB candidacy. We are currently working to align our teaching practices and policies to those of the IB. Our goal is to be a fully authorized IB Primary Years Programmme (PYP) by the spring of 2022.

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Colorow's Mission and Vision





... to develop global leaders

We are committed to being...

  • curious thinkers and asking questions to inspire deeper learning

  • knowledgeable in understanding the world around us

  • collaborative and creative when solving problems

  • able to express our thoughts and feelings effectively and respectfully

  • honest and having a strong sense of integrity

  • respectful of differences in ideas and cultures

  • kind and showing compassion

  • courageous and understand that mistakes are part of learning

  • balanced in academic, social, and emotional growth and wellbeing

  • reflective on our progress and set goals to grow