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6th Grade Counselor

Dustin Alexander

7th Grade Counselor

Shelley McRae

8th Grade Counselor

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Kelly Williams

School Social Worker (SPED)

Anita Encinias, MSW

Social Emotional Learning Specialist

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Jefferson Center Therapist

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Laurie Perea

Gifted and Talented Counselor - Social Emotional Learning

"The Middle Years"

Middle School can be one of the biggest transitions we face in life. Many reflect on their middle years as a time of hardship and discomfort. Yet, we find middle school to be one of the most fulfilling times when students learn about growing up. Although middle school is the shortest time span through one’s educational journey (elementary: six years, high: four years, college: four+ years), we believe some of the greatest amount of change happens within these three short years. As 6th graders transition from elementary school, they become part of an educational environment that is often three times the size of their prior school. Students who were escorted to lunch, electives, and the library in elementary, are now provided in middle school, the independence to ‘find their way.’

7th grade is the ultimate transitional grade. It is the time of being the ‘middle child’ within the school and self-identity starts taking root. This is the year where students begin to explore their independence, start to understand self-accountability, and gain some recognition of the greater world around them.

By the time an 8th grader is completing their middle school journey, they will have already created a greater self-identity, formed new social structures / friendships, represented our school through some extracurricular activity, and gained independence skills that will serve them through high school and life.

Needless to say, the middle years are a time of change. And in these times of change, we must always stay grounded to our values. At Creighton Middle School, we look at the ‘middle years' as a chance to enrich our students’ lives and provide a solid foundation that will serve them through life. We hope all Creighton students look back on their time in middle school fondly.

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