CKR Works

Our Company

Our company is made up of hardworking 8th grade students. We created this business for our entrepreneurship class. At the end of the semester all profits made will be donated to a charity that we will vote on. We sell high quality handmade coasters, personalized coasters, keychains, and repurposed items.

Our Mission

It is crucial to us that our company creates high-quality products, to make you want to come back. Therefore, if any issues arise please let us know!

How to Purchase

Purchases are made through the Google Form located in the purchase page.

The Story Behind CKR Works

Since opening our workshop in 2022, we've always been determined to keep doing what we love: creating top-quality, handmade products. Honoring our school's legacy of artisanship, we use the finest materials and are proud to deliver pieces that last for generations. In addition to our diverse range of goods, we also offer customized services to create custom-made designs.