Kevin Brich

aka Brich


I have taught English and coached speech and debate at Chatfield since 2001.

All assignments, class notes, discussions, and messages are available on each class's Google Classroom. Please go there for more specific information.

A site for students to watch and respond to videos for deeper comprehension of texts, context, and supporting ideas.

A number of different apps available through Google will be used, such as classroom and docs. This site describes the overall privacy for all Google apps.

Used for self-paced practice for various Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in grammar and usage in English.

A site for students to participate in a power point presentation by answering questions embedded in the presentation.

An online site for taking tests and quizzes allowing for instantaneous results and guidance for needed remediation.

An anti-plagiarism website where students upload their essays. Teacher grades and comments directly through the site.