About Our Program

What does BUILD stand for?

Brady Utilizes Independent Learning Directives. This program puts work experience into the students hands and helps them learn job readiness skills.

How is this program beneficial for students?

BUILD gives students interview skills, job readiness skills, industry specific skills, and technology training. Students also earn a .5 English credit and a .75 elective credit. Students also have the option of earning another .5 core credit

How is the program beneficial to the employers?

The BUILD program is beneficial in a sense of making the community a better place, giving job skills and making our world a better and more professional place, some of the skills that are provided within the program are job readiness, customer service, communication skills, soft skills, leadership.

How will this affect their company?

Interning can spread the name for your company and become more known. The company can get a new perspective on organizational issues. The company is able to give back to the community.

How does the program work?

Students complete 3 levels with either Path A or Path B

Example of Path A below:

Level 1 (Work Ready Skills)- prepares students for the job site they are interested in.

Level 2 students begin the internship, 50 hours either in a term or semester along their capstone assignments.

Level 3 (Capstone Presentation) - allows students to present everything that was learned during the program.

For more info see (Student Expectations) on the two different pathways that best suits the prospective intern's needs.