Special Education Team

Home Connections

In order to be successful your child needs a quiet workspace where homework can be done. While Belmar has a no homework policy, reading and math facts are still expected. Students should be reading for at least thirty minutes, five times a week.

Dates to Remember

11/1/18 No School

11/9/18 Veterans Day Celebration

11/15/18 Arts Integration Workshop

11/17/18 Thanksgiving Break

Outdoor Activities will Rock Your World

Regular physical activity strengthens the heart and lungs, increases energy levels, helps children maintain a healthy body weight and increases subjective well-being.

Sports & recreation teaches children essential lifelong social and developmental skills. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can plague children. Allowing them to have access to sports and recreational activities can enhance their gross motor skills, social and communicating abilities, as well as improve their overall health and well-being. Children will mature physically, socially and emotionally when participating in a recreational activity. Activities as simple as walks can help accomplish this.

Communicating and Socializing

Children frequently miss out on social activities, impeding their ability to better their communication skills. Participation in outdoor activities can overcome this obstacle, providing them with the ability to engage in social interactions, develop friendships and initiate social skills.

Self-Esteem and Academics

Some children struggle with a lack of self-esteem. They frequently will compare themselves to their peers, possibly giving them a decreased sense of their true abilities. Outdoor recreational participation promotes their self-concept, self-esteem and self-worth, as well as their body awareness. Many children will also show improvements in their academics. The confidence that is gained from the ability to attain success in anything will make them feel like they are capable of achieving even more.

Emotional Benefits

There are some major issues that many youth will at some point experience. Having children take part in an outdoor activity can aid in preventing different emotional conditions, including acting out behavior, depression, stress, anxiety and bad behavior. Providing them with a certain amount of activity can assist their bodies and help them to function optimally, both physically, socially and academically.

Activities In the Lakewood Area

Bear Creek State Park: This wonderful park is located near Morrison Road and C470. Activities include hiking, biking and wildlife view. Leaving the parking lot and exploring on foot can be exciting.

Green Mountain Park: This beautiful park can be accessed from several locations including 1000 S. Rooney Road.

Lakewood City Parks: Lakewood has 99 parks, 188 miles of walking, biking, hiking and equestrian trails and the City cares for more than 7,100 acres of land.