Becky Shorey

EdTech Coach & Mentor:

Green Mountain High School/ Jeffco Schools

Becky Shorey is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator and piloted a 1:1 Chromebook classroom for four years. In her 18 years of teaching, she has taught high school Earth Science, Environmental Science, Unified Science, and Astronomy at Green Mountain High School in Lakewood, CO. She has recently transitioned into the EdTech Mentor role where she trains faculty and students on the use of Chromebooks and usage of the Google Apps tools available. She works one on one with teachers developing customized lessons integrating technology into their classrooms in creative ways to allow for student choice, creativity and increased critical thinking skills.

The first year in her new position she planned and implemented a 1:1 program for the school, starting with the Freshman class. Now 2 years into the program half of the students have their own device and she is working on transforming the tasks students are being asked to do in order to give them more student choice, increase creativity, collaboration and communication skills. With all those new Chromebooks came a lot of repairs and Becky developed a Student Chromebook Repair Team where students are in charge of identifying the problem, fixing it and keeping track of inventory and billing.

Becky has been married to her husband since 2011 and has 2 daughters. She is passionate about the environment, mountain biking, camping and loves going on fossil digs. She was a volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the Paleontology Prep Lab for several years and went on a few digs including Snowmass, CO which turned out to be one of the world's largest ice age fossil discoveries. Becky grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania and moved to West Virginia and Utah before finally settling in Colorado where she finished up her degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Stegomastodon tusk

Holyoke, CO

1.4 million years old

Sitting in an Apotosaur footprint

Como Bluffs, WY

100 million years old

Mastodon femur

Snowmass, CO

100,000 years old

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Random facts:

My fossil discovery in Snowmass is in a book "Digging Snowmastodon"

Discovered a new Camarasaurus dig site in Como Bluff, WY

Been in over 200 caves

Used to race mountain bikes semi-pro

Can recreate my body in X-rays (see above mention about mountain biking)

Lived in West Virginia and Utah working as a mountain bike tour guide

Adopted my daughter from China

Have been in all but 3 states (AK, ND, LA)

Loves going to music concerts