Library Overview


The Bear Creek K8 library serves a student population of approximately 1,100 students and 97 staff members (teachers-62) . We serve an average of 250 students/staff per day and circulate approximately 2,576 books each week.

Our primary circulation is fiction and non-fiction books in support of Accelerated Reader needs.

This two year plan will be revisited in Spring of 2020 and if necessary revisions will be made as needed on a yearly basis.

Purpose of the Policy Procedures Manual

The purpose of the policy and procedures manual is to provide a guide for the operation of the school library media program. Bear Creek K-8 Library Plan includes information that is valuable to students, staff, parents, teachers, the district. Per District policy this manual will be revisited yearly and updated as warranted.

Mission Statement

The mission the Bear Creek K8 School's library is to enrich and support our learning community in becoming fluent users of information literacy, technology literacy and literacy acquisition.

Vision Statement

To achieve universal recognition of school libraries as the hub of information to support the learning community.

Belief Statements

  • The library provides a wide range of materials on all levels of appropriate difficulty with a diversity of appeal and different points of view
  • The library fosters a library patronage as a lifelong practice
  • the library is a growing organizing that extends and supports the core curriculum of the school thorough the interaction of professional personnel, students and community.
  • The purpose of the library is to ensure that students are effective users of information and ideas
  • Uphold the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for teachers and students
  • Uphold the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Goals and Objectives of the Library


  1. Partner with teachers for PLC to support instructional needs
  2. Create an updated warm and welcoming space for students, teachers and community
  3. Implement classroom and building rules and procedures into the library under ROARS


  2. Partner with classroom teachers to update collection in order to support students and classroom curriculum needs.
  3. Implement a relevant reference collection (on-line as well as print)


  2. Create a 3 year rotating schedule for displays and programs
  3. Collaborate with teachers to create relevant lib guides for YAG needs

Daily Operations

Study Hall/Library Policy

Circulation Desk Operations

Overdue Fines

Payment for Lost and Damaged Books

Settlement of Library Accounts

Collection Development


  • We will focus on keeping our fiction and non-fiction section current and updated.
    • Replace or discard MUSTI (see CREW manual) books
    • Average age of general fiction is 2002
    • Fiction holdings are 8,514 items
  • We will emphasize the need for reference materials both electronic as well as print
    • Reference average age is 1995
    • Reference holdings 48 items
  • We will purchase books that support and supplement our school curriculum


  • We will focus on keeping our fiction and non-fiction section current and updated.
  • We will emphasize the need for reference materials both electronic as well as print
  • We will purchase books that support and supplement our school curriculum


Inventory for BCK8 occurred in May 2014 next inventory will be in May 2016

Processing Materials

Challenged Materials

Concerns about materials should first be brought to the librarian. If an unsatisfactory solution cannot be found then challenged materials will be dealt with according to Jefferson County Public Schools policy.

In the instance where instructional or library materials are being challenged at Bear Creek K8, district guidelines will be followed.

Book District Policies - Jefferson County School District R-1

Section K: School-Community-Home Relations

Title Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources

Number KEC

Status Active


Adopted June 26, 1997

Last Revised October 23, 2001

It is the policy of the district to provide channels of communication concerning the learning resources used in the Jefferson County School District. Learning resources include instructional materials and human resources used in the district. Appeals concerning learning resources may be brought by any Jefferson County citizen, student, parent or guardian of district student, or district employee.

These challenges are heard by a committee of district parents, teachers, and administrators, which submits a recommendation to the superintendent for his/her decision. The superintendent will forward a copy of the decision to members of the Board of Education. A copy of this decision will be kept on file by the district.

A challenge shall result in the withdrawal of a learning resource that has been previously approved by the Board only if presented to and approved by the Board.

Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources Policy

Please refer to the full Board Policy above before taking any action on a complaint

School Process

1. School personnel will refer the complaint to the Principal.

2. The principal shall contact the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services to determine whether the resource has been formally challenged before.

3. A conference shall be held, including the principal, complainant, teacher, library information specialist, or staff member responsible for using the resource. The principal shall determine whether the resource is on any District approved list, request professional reviews from the Professional Library or the Library Services Coordinator, and share reviews at the conference. The principal will gather information regarding the selection and use of the resource. The material will remain available throughout the process.

4. The principal shall issue a report summarizing the conference information and decision in writing. Copies shall be forwarded to all participants and maintained on file at the school.

5. If requested, a copy of the form, "Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Learning/Human Resources" shall be provided to the complainant. The principal shall forward the completed form, with a written report of the conference, to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and all staff members involved.

District Process

6. The Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services shall review the complaint and determine whether to schedule a meeting of a challenge review committee.

7. The Assistant Superintendent, with input from the affected administrator, shall appoint a challenge review committee composed of a Chair, an equal number of administrators, library information specialists, teachers, and parents/community members.

8. The Chair shall plan, set the agenda, conduct the challenge review hearing, and write the committee's recommendation. Oral or written testimony may be submitted at the hearing. Note: The hearing is open to the public, however, the deliberations are not.

9. The committee shall deliberate and render a recommendation based upon its review of the learning resource.

Superintendent's Decision

10. The Superintendent shall make an administrative decision which shall be submitted to all parties.

Appeal to the Board

11. An appeal may be made, and must be received by the Board of Education within ten (10) calendar days of the Superintendent's decision.


Concentration on age sensitivity in Dewey collection we will use the CREW method for weeding

Books that are candidates for repair will be repaired.

Discarding will be done in alignment with the District Policy.