Whether remote or in person, we are here for your students! We want to provide you and your students resources during this uncertain time in our world. We gathered a list of activities that support mental health. It is important that we take care of ourselves as we navigate this new and unique school year.

Click the "Shared Resources" tab in the top right corner for resources we think may be useful to you. At the end of the page is a request form that students can fill out if they would like to talk to a counselor and our contact information if parents/guardians want to talk with us.

Take care,

Your BCK8 Mental Health Team

Amber Diederich

Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Leslie Mecca


Leslie Scully

Remote Counselor


September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Sources of Strength is a suicide prevention program we have at Bear Creek K-8! Sources of Strength is a best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture. The mission of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults. Sources of Strength moves beyond a singular focus on risk factors by utilizing an upstream model that strengthens multiple sources of support (protective factors - see wheel) around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.

Here are strengths-based activities you can do with your family this month!

Family Activities Calendar - Connection

Calendario de actividades familiares - Conexión



  • Headspace - meditation

  • Lumosity - brain break games

  • Calm- meditations, music playlists, stretching, breathing exercises, stories for kids

  • Yoga for Kids

  • GoNoodle - movement break

  • Breathe Kids - short breathing exercises for kids