21st Century competencies

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To be successful immediately upon graduation, it is imperative our students are able to imagine, inquire, and innovate in a collaborative and fluid global society. Arvada High School is dedicated to empowering students by providing learning opportunities that infuse cooperative learning situations by utilizing sound pedagogy, such as Project Based Learning (PBL), and tested strategies. Our teachers have been trained and employ cooperative learning strategies designed by Dr. Spencer Kagan - a renowned leader in student engagement and professional development.


Teachers are encouraged to be creative in their instruction and lessons. In turn, teachers at Arvada High School encourage and inspire students to be creative in the learning process.

Critical Thinking

Universities and employers want students coming out of high school to be critical thinkers. Many employers say potential candidates coming out of school lack skills that they seek in successful employees. Students when they graduate from Arvada High School will have the skills that colleges and employers demand and will have advantages over their peers from other high schools.

What do other pedagogical leaders say about the ability to enhance critical thinking skills through Project Based Learning? Read more about how PBL Spurs Critical Thinking.

Problem Solving

No matter which direction your education and career takes you, you must be able to problem solve. At Arvada High School, our instructional model emphasizes inquiry and problem solving, skills that are required for any profession. When students graduate from Arvada High School they will have the skills to be successful in higher education and the global workplace.

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