Cool Tech Tools

Portfolio/Website Creation Tools:

Google Sites

Store all components of a project on a simple-to-use website creator.

Click this link for a tutorial site created by Mrs. Miller.


Mrs. Miller's Tutorial

Presentation Tools

Google Slides...Create presentations and work on them in real time with others in your group.

Glogster... for Digital Posters

Combine images, video, music, photos, and audio to create multimedia pages. Embed into any webpage.

Prezi... for Interactive Presentations/ Group Presentations

Cloud-based presentation software that uses a zoomable canvas to make presentations interesting and fun.

Powtoon... for Animated Cartoon-style Presentations

Combines presentation tools with fun animated comic design

Emaze... Emaze features a proprietary state of the art presentation maker that will create the slideshows, video presentations and even 3D presentations that you always dreamed of

Graphic Organizers/Mind Map Tools

Popplet... for brainstorming and creating mind maps

Video Production Tools

WeVideo... for Cloud-based Video Editing

Here is our free trial active until December 2018:

Upload your videos for easy editing, add music and sound effects. Store your videos in the cloud.

MovieMaker (Free download or already in your Programs)... for Video Editing

Capture audio, video and still pictures to your computer and create your own movie adding titles, transitions and effects to share.

Animoto... for Making Quick Movies from Photos and Video Clips

Get a free account to make short videos from photos and video clips under 10 seconds

Recording Tools:

VoiceThread... for Recording Your Voice with Slides

Collaborative, multimedia slide shows that hold images, documents and videos and allows users to record voice over the slides

Vocaroo... for Creating Quick Vocal Recording

Very simple, easy to use voice recorder

Screencast-o-matic... for Making Screencasts

Cloud-based tool to record, edit and save screencasts for tutorials and teaching

Voki... for Creating Avatars to Make Animated Presentations

Choose an avatar and customize it and the background picture, then add your own voice.

Annotation Tools:

Crocodoc... for Annotating Documents in the Cloud

Upload any PDF, Word document, or image and use annotation tools to highlight and comment, collaborate and share online.

Scrible... for Annotating Web Pages

Add the bookmaring tool to your web browser and annotate web pages and share annotated sources online.