8th Grade

Team Animas

Bell Middle School’s Vision

All students will have the skills to be proactive citizens in an ever-evolving global society.

Bell Middle School iSTEM Mission Statement

  • The iSTEM program fosters innovation.
  • Students master core content and apply their classroom learning to solve Real world problems, both local and global.
  • Students build self-confidence and life skills through integrated instruction in the 4 Cs: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

We provide a rigorous and engaging academic environment incorporating technology with innovative pathways which empower students to take ownership for academic success. Student learning is strengthened though challenging projects where critical thinking is essential.

In 8th Grade STEM we will approach global social, economic, and environmental problems with the Engineering and Design Process as our primary tool.

Contact Information

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Interested in volunteering?

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Team Policies

Late Work Policy

Students have two weeks after the due date to turn in the late assignment with a 10% grade reduction. This applies to all assignments, large and small. We want the students to complete the assignments to obtain the essential knowledge.

Students are expected to manage their time in class and at home to complete work on time. All core classes (Language Arts, Social Studies, Engineering, Science) will provide time in class to complete group projects. Do expect some work at home, but know that your students are being offered ample time in class to complete group projects characteristic of the STEM program.

Tardy Policy

All core classes (Language Arts, Social Studies, Engineering, Science) have the same Tardy Policy: students are expected to arrive prepared to each class and seated by the end of the bell. Students not seated by the end of the bell will be marked tardy. We will be calling home if students have excessive tardies to determine consequences and a strategy to arrive to class on time.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is not acceptable in any class.

The first instance of plagiarism the student will receive a zero for the assignment. The student can re-submit the assignment for partial credit. The second incident will earn the student a zero on the assignment with no chance to re-submit the assignment. The third incident, the student will earn a zero on the assignment and an office referral.

In High School the stakes are higher for plagiarism, some colleges will not accept students who show a pattern of plagiarism. In college you can lose scholarships and/or be expelled from institutions permanently. Because of the raising stakes, we take plagiarism seriously.

Make-Up Work Policy

Communicate ahead of time if you know you are going to be absent. Complete the Pre-Arranged absence form if applicable (pick one up in the main office). Please communicate with your teachers within two days, not during class time, for make-up assignments if you are absent. Check your individual google classrooms or the Animas Team Calendar for work completed the day you missed.

Life happens, we get it. Communication is key.


We encourage students to bring their own computers to meet their individual needs and to reduce strain on our chromebook resources. A personal device is NOT required, just recommended.

Here is the Bell Middle School BYOD Policy