Assignment procedures

Work Expectations in 5th Grade

Heading on Paper - Located in TOP RIGHT corner of paper.

-First Name and Last Name, Number


Pencils and Pens -Use pencils for all work. Sharpen pencils at beginning of day.

-No pens.

Keeping Track -You are responsible for your assignments and due dates.

-Use your planner to keep track of assignments posted.

-You should share your planner with a parent each night.

Missing Work -You are responsible for turning in all assignments.

-After an absence, check with your teacher for missing work.

Late Work -Work is due on the posted date,

-Special circumstances will be discussed with teacher.

-If work is not turned in, it will be noted in behavior folder.

Quality -Be proud of the work you turn in.

-Incomplete, sloppy, or illegible work will need to be redone.

Grading -Specific expectation will be given for individual assignments.

-Generally, you will receive feedback using a 1-4 scale.

4= Exceeding standard

3= Meeting standard

2= Progressing toward standard

1= Beginning understanding toward standard

Electronic Work -Chrome books will be utilized as students complete training.

-Chrome books will be used respectfully and academically.