United States

This is a United States healthy schools page were it will list some information about united states healthy schools and healthy school rules. this information

After analyzing school lunches in America scientists decided that some lunches in America are a little unhealthy and kids are getting unhealthy as well. In word of the Scientists kids are getting "obese".

The national school lunch program is very healthy . The program was established under the national school lunch act, signed by president Harry Truman in 1946. Every school district is different depending on what they do for there school lunches and what the new things they add are. The total cost for some new school rules is estimated to reach about $6.8 billion, according to the department of agriculture. Not only will the schools be adding more fruits and veggies, they will be adding more expensive products to make freshness happen- an unnecessary extravagance for most districts with this already expensive upgrade.

Americas school lunches aren't the most healthy out of all the states but America can improve. Different schools need different improvements for example some might need to give students more fruit or veggies. And others might need an improvement on the main coarse.

The rules from united states and all over the world are different. From china to England and back to United states have very different school lunches and school lunch rules. So in this website it lists a lot of information you will be interested in.