Kendrick Lakes Elementary and Jeffco schools

Jeffco schools is wanting kids to have great healthy lives. They do this by making the food choice of kids healthier. They do this with holiday celebrations, you have to have healthier food, it is also the same with Birthday parties. No more foods can be brought in for birthday parties at the school, starting next school year in 2018 to 2019.

Now, we are moving towards implementing Jeffco's policy of "healthy snacks". Hopefully, half of the snacks should be healthier now. No birthday foods or snacks will be aloud next year. We are encouraging healthy lifestyle skills, words, and feelings essentially more fitness at recess. Kendrick lakes is encouraging us to live and eat healthy. We will not allow food/candy as a reward starting next school year. Why we are doing this is because schools need to be healthier then they all ready are.