Healthy Schools Around The World


There are three countries that have been researched in the past couple months, that have healthy lunch choices at school. These countries are China, Australia, and Great Britain. All of these countries will be compared to the foods in America. This article will state what foods are served in cerien countries, and most importantly, the rules of how they produce their lunches as well as the standards there.

Governments Rules

The national school lunch program is very healthy . The program was established under the national school lunch act, signed by president Harry Truman in 1946. Every school district is different depending on what they do for there school lunches and what the new things they add are. The total cost for some new school rules is estimated to reach about $6.8 billion, according to the department of agriculture. Not only will the schools be adding more fruits and veggies, they will be adding more expensive products to make freshness happen- an unnecessary extravagance for most districts with this already expensive upgrade.


School in China may be different from here in america only 12% of China's poorest children have grown with a total of a spoon of rice stir-fried pork and some celery, even maybe a jug of milk. There are also some standards in China. The standards at China are that they only serve healthy foods because it will lead to a long and healthy life in the future.


In Australia the schools serve pies, sausage rolls, and stir fry. Each one costs $3.80 each. Kids also don’t order from a cafeteria, they get canteens which means they get menus to order off of like at a restaurant. They only serve healthy foods for the benefits of the students.

United Kingdom

The standards for school lunches are high quality and healthy. They want high quality meat, the veggies come from family owned farms, and the sea food come straight from the sea and healthy birthday treats for healthy living.


In conclusion, this is the end of the healthy schools website. From reading this website hoping you learned about school lunches around the world.