Some home dessert rules are dessert sizes of about a small bowl of ice cream to 3 or 4 pieces of candy. For snacks, they might be allowed to have an apple, carrots, bread, or other healthy foods. Some of the rules might include: When you have food in your mouth you can’t run around, and you can’t eat in the living room/other rooms. Some don’t really have rules when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Some don’t have much rules when it comes to food at home. They might have lots of easy quick frozen meals, ramen and snack food but they might have to eat there dinner to have those yummy foods and there is a rule where they might have to eat 2 veggies every day. here are some people who don't eat meat and there are around 3 reasons not to. 1 your allergic, 2 you feel bad for the animals, and you just don't like it, 3 you just don't like meat in general.