Our part in the project was to find patterns in what kids eat for lunch at school. To do this we surveyed one class from each grade to see if they think they eat healthy and what they usually have for lunch. We gathered data about whether or not kids think they eat healthy.

Hot lunch

We surveyed students from each grade and asked them if they hot lunch or cold lunch and based on the answers most of them said they ate hot lunch.We found patterns that in the middle grades a lot of 4 graders have hot lunch and this is the same as the first graders. Another pattern we found is that 2’nd graders and 5’th graders do not eat as much hot lunch. 6th grade does not follow the pattern, because it is right in the middle. Also third graders and fourth graders are the same on the number of students that have hot lunch.

Cold Lunch

For cold lunch we surveyed classes on if they eat cold what do normally eat for lunch. Patterns we found in cold lunch are 4th, 5th, and kindergartners eat more cold lunch than 1’st, 2nd, and 3’rd graders. Also that kindergartners and 5th grade bring the most cold lunch. Last, 2nd graders and 4th graders eat about the same amount of cold lunch.

Do people eat healthy?

When we surveyed students we asked them if they think they eat healthy.Based on our research most people think they eat healthy. Some people though do not. We think the healthy schools project will help the people who don’t think they eat healthy eat healthy. The reason we did this healthy schools project is because we want kids to grow up and be fit and healthy.

So this is why we think healthy schools is important for kids so they can grow to be healthy and fit.We think that all schools should have a healthy schools policy not just Jeffco schools so that their students will grow to be successful and healthy people.