Multiple Perspectives

Ms. Brewer’s class is doing a project on the Jefferson County Healthy Schools Policy. Our particular group is researching different perspectives on the healthy schools policy. We interviewed four people that work at our school, all of the four people supported the healthy schools policy.

The principal thinks that the healthy schools policy is beneficial for kids because the kids have guidance for eating healthy. He thinks there should always be rules or policy's in place to be healthy. He also thinks students should have support to be healthy. If he could change anything he would change the availability of the policy, and by that he meant more outside of school support for the healthy schools policy or supporting the healthy schools program at home.

The teacher and the student said that they support the policy. The student thinks this, because he wants healthy snacks and food so everyone can be healthy. The teacher says that it's beneficial because healthy food helps our brains process information, he said that studies say that diet is important. If the teacher and the student could change anything about the healthy schools policy the teacher would make it so people stop eating food with more sugar and saturated fat and change it so that they could have treats on birthdays. The teacher feels that way because treats on birthdays is a tradition and it is a good celebration. The student says that there's not much he wants to change but he would like to have cupcakes or other birthday treats.

The lunch workers said that they support the healthy schools policy because they want us to have the right amount of healthy nutrients in our fruits and vegetables. If they could change anything about the healthy schools policy they would change the variety of snacks. They give us free fruits and vegetables because they want us to be healthy. The lunch workers, even so still give us sugary foods at the cafeteria.