Healthy Schools Project

By: Ms. Brewer's 3rd Grade Class

We are a third grade class and we did a project on Healthy Schools. There are 6 groups. The groups are Rules, (There are two groups for rules.) Multiple Perspectives, Patterns, Ethics, and Unanswered Questions.

Healthy schools is a program that encourages people to eat healthy at school. To do this there are rules to make foods at school healthier. Also, foods like cupcakes are not allowed for birthdays anymore. Another rule is if you get school lunch you have to get a fruit or vegetable. Also, you need a main meal and a milk. Next, unhealthy foods are not allowed for birthdays at all anymore. Last least 50% must be healthy for a school or class party.

The healthy schools is a program that is about getting kids to eat healthier and getting more exercise so they can grow up to be fit and healthy. To do this they make each kid take a fruit and a vegetable for lunch. They also make kids have a recess every day so they stay fit and have fun. If kids agree with this they will become successful healthy adults.

Exercise works with Healthy Schools. This is because exercise is making kids healthier and healthier goes with Healthy Schools. Another reason exercise goes with Healthy Schools is because Healthy Schools buys fun things for exercise. This is because it makes it more fun for kids that donĀ“t get a lot of exercise. Also exercise helps kids be fit and being fit makes kids healthy and successful.