Our group is the ethics group for the healthy schools project. Our job is to make alternatives for birthday treats and candy rewards. Another job we have is to find the debates and arguments that are regarding healthy schools. Reading also will give you information on what exactly the healthy schools program is. Some children think that eating healthy means bad food. This isn’t true. The healthy schools program will help children see that that eating healthy isn’t a bad thing.

There are lots of people that do not like the Healthy Schools program. The main reason schools are dropping out of healthy schools policy is cost. Healthy lunches can cost between $2.70 and $3.10. For people that don't even want to spend their money on school lunches, they are upset when the price is raised. Parents decide it's better for their kids to just have lunch from home. This is not helping the schools. The schools are choosing to keep the high prices because kids are benefiting significantly. The prices may be raised, but the Jefferson County has been doing a lot better with the program.

Some people’s opinions are that healthy schools is helping the diet of their children. Many people have been thinking a lot about how healthy schools will change their children’s diets. If they agree to this idea, they can support healthy schools more, so this program can last a long time. Other people think that healthy schools is a bad thing. This is some people’s opinion because the cost has risen with healthy schools. With the risen cost of healthy schools food it’s becoming difficult for schools to participate in a healthy school.

The debate that we can develop about healthy schools is whether or not we should have the healthy schools policy. Some people think that we should not, because the school will have to pay more money just to get fresh fruit and vegetables than having to just pay for junk food. Some people might think that you’re stuffing kids with fat, but mostly everyone wants to save money. On the other hand, some people think that we should have the policy, because it is better for their children to eat more healthy. Also, the healthy schools policy has running programs, to keep kids active.

Alternatives to birthday treats and candy

Things you can give your good students instead of giving them candy: Earning points to add up to getting movies or recces (1 minute every point), getting to play a short board game, getting to do a activity on a computer like some sort of stretch for about 3 minutes or so. Even doing a tiny activity that would either get a exercise for the day or just doing one tiny thing that would do you good for the day.You can give these activities to your students but it does not mean that you give them it everyday. You should just give them this if they are good or if it is someone’s birthday and you want to celebrate it.”

Healthy schools has a bad reputation with kids. The Healthy schools policy is a great program, changing kids every day. In this policy students are coming to have a better diet and better food choices. When children come to school and eat school lunch they should feel happy to eat their meal. Healthy schools is a good programs so please remember it.