5th Grade - Jefferson Math

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Module 1

In this first module of Grade 5, we will extend 4th grade place value work to multi-digit numbers with decimals to the thousandths place. Students will learn the pattern that one-tenth times any digit on the place value chart moves it one place value to the right. They will also perform decimal operations to the hundredths place.

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Module 2

In this module, we will be building up our knowledge of first multiplication and then division. We will start with whole numbers and then move to decimals as we practice different ways to model these operations.

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Module 3

In this 16-lesson unit, students build on earlier work with equivalent fractions and decimals to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. They will move from concrete examples (paper strips and number lines) to abstract skills (writing their own math sentences). By the end of the module, students will fluently work through multi-step word problems that contextualize their learning.

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Module 4

In this 38-day module, students learn to multiply fractions and decimal fractions and start work with fraction division. Students will begin by measuring fractional parts on a number line as a concrete way of understanding fractional parts of a whole, and eventually move to more abstract fraction operations.

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Module 5

In Module 6, students begin by reasoning about and working with three-dimensional shapes. They explore cubic units and move toward calculations of volumes of rectangular prisms. Students also extend their two-dimensional work with area to figures with fractional side lengths. This module bridges the Grade 4 work on area with the Grade 6 work on volume and area to come.

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Module 6

In Module 6, students develop a coordinate system for the first quadrant of the coordinate plane and use it to solve problems. They explore the relationship between points, ordered pairs, patterns, and lines. The module finishes with an exploration of the coordinate plane in real world applications.

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