3rd Grade - Jefferson Math

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Module 1

In this first module of Grade 3, we build on second grade knowledge of addition and work toward greater fluency. We will also be building arrays (arrangements of a set of objects organized into equal groups in rows and columns), and setting the stage for multiplication and division.

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Module 2

This module will tie our place value learning to some real-world work with measurement using the metric system. Students will also work on telling time and solving problems relating to elapsed time.

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Module 3

In this module we will go deep into our learning about these two related operations. Students will practice their math facts to become fluent, and will learn several strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers.

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Module 4

In this 20-day module, students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior work with multiplication. Students will build understanding that a 2x6, 1x12, and 3x4 rectangle each have the same area, and will learn how to calculate the area of a floor plan of their own design.

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Module 5

In this 35-day module, students extend and deepen 2nd grade practice with “equal shares” to understanding fractions as equal partitions of a whole. They formalize their knowledge as they work with area models and the number line.

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Module 6

In Module 6, we build on Grade 2 concepts about data, graphing, and line plots. We focus on generating and analyzing different types of data. By the end of the module, students are working with a mixture of scaled picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots to problem solve using categorical and measurement data.

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Module 7

In Module 7, students will get intensive practice with word problems, as well as hands-on investigation experiences with geometry and perimeter.

Students will solve one- and two- step word problems, learn what a tessellation is, study perimeter and area, and end with a preview of some exciting Grade 4 mathematics.

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