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Questions: When my second child goes into Clever, it is still signed in to the first child. What is wrong?

Answer: If you are using a computer that is NOT a Chromebook, Clever will stay signed in. Be sure when the first child leaves you go to their name and choose log out.

Another great solution would be to have a second Chrome user logged in. Here is a quick video on how to do that.

How to & Help Documents

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Teachers by Shake Up Learning.pdf

(This is a platform that our K-2 Classes use)

Chromebook Sign In Error

Video Help Links

If you are unable to see certain pages you may need to clear Cache and Data, here is a quick video how

What does it mean to submit an assignment in Google Classroom vs. Sharing

This is a guide to understand how your child turns in their work.