Prospective Teachers


PROSPECTIVE Learning design & content specialists

Thank you for your interest in joining our founding team at Johnston County Lab School! JCLS is a new Johnston County Public School serving students grades 6-8.

Our Vision

The Johnston County Lab School will provide personalized, student-centered learning experiences that will prepare students for success and wellness in college and a global workplace. The staff of JCLS will create an expectation of academic achievement through the formation of relationships with students and their families. Teachers and administrators throughout Johnston County Schools and beyond will visit JCLS to observe the implementation of innovative best practices.

The Laboratory Environment

JCLS will seek to realize this initial vision through a lab school design. What is a lab school you ask? A “Lab” is an innovative learning center – a way of re-thinking school as we have known it. In addition to serving as a site for innovative student learning, it also exists as a pedagogical learning lab for other teachers and administrators in Johnston County Public Schools.

What to Expect?

As teacher at Johnston County Lab School you can expect to:

      • Provide students a high level of voice and choice in their education.
      • Guide students to take ownership of their education.
      • Lead students to meet or exceed proficiency in their grade level standards.
      • Facilitate opportunities for students to build positive character and social-emotional skills (“Soft Skills”).
      • Design and facilitate Project Based Learning (PBL) lessons/units.
      • Pace students through the curriculum as they demonstrate mastery of objectives/skills (Mastery-Based Learning).
      • Collaboratively plan and teach with a diverse team across multiple subjects (Multidisciplinary Teaching).
      • Be proficient in the use of technology tools and online curriculums for student learning in conjunction with face to face instruction (Blended Learning).
      • Establish a safe learning environment for our learning family.
      • Support students' early interactions with their community and their future high schools (JCECA and Smithfield-Selma High).
      • Build positive and genuine relationships with students.
      • Design and facilitate fun and engaging learner-centered activities as well as support students' extra-curricular learning interests.
      • Be observed by other district teachers and administrators and asked questions about your pedagogical practices (JCLS teachers will be very visible!)

Noticing anything yet? This school is about OUR students!

As a teacher at Johnston County Lab School you will wear many hats (simultaneous and/OR rotating) and uniquely contribute to the goal of educating our students in new ways. Below are some of those “hats”:

Content Experts. Teachers have expertise in a particular field of education or discipline and engage in professional development to remain at or reach the top of their field.

Mentors/Relationship Builders. Teachers guide student and team member learning and growth. As mentors, teachers meet one-on-one for regular goal-setting, monitoring, and support check-ins. Teachers challenge and inspire students, and each other, by providing consistent, constructive feedback.

Curator. Teachers gather and synthesize content, context, and concepts for learning.

Tutor. Teachers offer one-on-one and small group mini-lessons to deepen conceptual understanding.

Project Designer. Teachers are skilled to create high quality and innovative projects for contextualized learning, in collaboration with colleagues and students.

Assessor. Teachers review student work and progress and use data to assess students’ independence and to gauge progress on mastery of content. Teachers understanding and utilized formative assessments daily.

R&D. Teachers adopt and develop best practices, contributing their own learning and best practices to the larger education community (and our district).

Lifelong Learner. Teachers are role models who exemplify lifelong curiosity and exploration.

Additional Traits of JCLS Learning Design & Content Specialists:

Personality. Teachers are compassionate, dedicated, entrepreneurial individuals and embody the growth mindset we strive to instill in our students. We are flexible and willing to adapt to change, while maintaining focus. We embody confidence with humility.

Mindset. Teachers have a growth mindset and belief that all children can learn. They are inspired by our mission and bring that enthusiasm to work every day. We live and work with highest integrity and accountability for our actions. We establish a healthy learning culture and optimize the capabilities of each individual, while ensuring a work-life balance.

Actions. Teachers engage in open, honest feedback. Teachers challenge the status quo and take intellectual risks. We empower the individual while fostering collaboration. We reflect on our efficacy and strive to continuously adapt and improve. Teachers participate in regular teacher-led instructional rounds in order continuously improve instruction.


If this sounds like a place you could bring great value to please email your resume and a cover letter describing how your qualifications align with the items in this posting to We have currently filled all vacancies for the 2017-2018 year but always invite interested candidates to email their resume/cover letters. Please also see the Johnston County Schools Human Resources site for openings within our awesome district!

The Innovation Academy at South Campus

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