Johnston County Lab School

What is a Lab School Concept?

The “Lab” will be an innovative learning center – a way of re-thinking school as we have known it. In addition to serving as a site for innovative student learning it will also serve as a learning lab for other teachers and administrators in Johnston County Public Schools. The laboratory environment embraces a growth mindset.

What Can I Expect as a Student at The lab?!

Students who attend the Johnston County Lab School (JCLS) will experience a personalized education pathway from 6th grade to graduation in a non-traditional studio setting. Upon completion of 8th grade, students at JCLS will receive priority placement to Johnston County Early College Academy or Smithfield-Selma High School AVID/IB.

As a student at Johnston County Lab School you can expect to:

      • Have a high level of voice and choice in YOUR education.
      • Learn to take increased ownership of YOUR education.
      • Meet or exceed proficiency in YOUR grade-level standards.
      • Build positive character and social-emotional skills (SEL or Soft Skills”).
      • Participate in Project Based Learning (PBL).
      • Advance through the curriculum as YOU demonstrate mastery of standards/skills (Standards Mastery).
      • Be taught by an integrated team of teachers across multiple subjects (Multidisciplinary Teaching).
      • Use technology tools and online curriculum(s) for YOUR learning together with face to face instruction (Blended Learning).
      • Have early interactions within YOUR community including early access to YOUR future high schools (JCECA, SSS [AVID/IB]).
      • Lead presentations with YOUR family on what YOU have been learning and the progress towards your personal goals.
      • Have positive relationships with YOUR teachers and classmates (a School Family).
      • Participate in fun and engaging learning as well as extracurricular offerings.

Noticing anything yet? This school is for YOU!

Learn more about the Application Process . You may also Contact us with your specific questions about Lab School.

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