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The SHHS Library is on an updated schedule: 7:30 a.m. -- 3:00 p.m., each day, unless otherwise announced.

During REMOTE LEARNING: If your Chromebook has damage or tech issues that prevent you from working on it, please bring it to the SH Library for assistance or replacement. In most instances, students are issued another Chromebook to replace the one with the damage. Should the damage be malicious or beyond a broken screen, the family may be responsible for the cost of repair.

During In-Person LEARNING: LOANERS are a 7 a.m.--3:00 check out period each day. Please be aware of the $5.00 per day LATE FEE for each day the Chromebook is not returned to the library! Loaners are only for students whose laptops are being repaired.


Chromebook: $202.00

Screen: $31.00 (after the first screen break)

Keyboard: $70.00

Charging Cord: $32.00

There are a variety of other damage costs that are assessed by the JCS technicians. Forms are available in the library. Payment for damage may be taken as cash or check (made payable to SHHS) in the library. You can also pay by credit card on the SHHS website. Just make sure to print your receipt number or snap a picture of it with your phone!!

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SHHS Library Goals

Maintain an inviting, safe, and user-friendly environment for all of our patrons

Support the school's beliefs and mission statement

Promote lifelong learning

Motivate patrons to pursue their interests in reading and research

Teach information literacy skills

Collaborate with teachers to develop instructional presentations to support information and technology skills

Promote and encourage intellectual freedom

Encourage professional reading and learning

Promote new technologies in the library environment--JSTOR, EBSCO, TEL, etc.

Teach digital citizenship and ethical behavior