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Design Plan

Library Renovation Project

For the week of Oct. 1-5, the library hours will be 7 a.m.--3:30 p.m. Following fall break, the library will be open from 7 a.m.-- 2:15 p.m., until further notice.

SHHS Library Mission Statement

The SHHS LMC will promote information literacy, develop lifelong readers, and support the goals, vision, and beliefs of Science Hill High School.

SHHS Library Goals

  • Maintain an inviting, safe, and user-friendly environment for all of our patrons
  • Support the school's beliefs and mission statement
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Motivate patrons to pursue their interests in reading and research
  • Teach information literacy skills
  • Collaborate with teachers to develop instructional presentations to support information and technology skills
  • Promote and encourage intellectual freedom
  • Encourage professional reading and learning
  • Promote new technologies in the library environment--JSTOR, EBSCO, TEL, etc.
  • Teach digital citizenship and ethical behavior